What makes the Fountain of Youth so intriguing? Here are some facts to explore before choosing your next beauty salon.

The Fountain of Youth was created by a local entrepreneur, Diamond Lil, in 1905. Reportedly, the 15-acre Fountain of Youth Archeological Park is located on the site where Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer landed in 1513.

Ponce de Leon is credited with the search for the mythical Fountain of Youth even though he never wrote about this quest. After his death, other biographers wrote that finding the Fountain of Youth was his motivation for his Florida expedition.

The legend of the life-giving spring began with Herodotus. Legends have the Fountain of Youth placed everywhere from Ethiopia to the mythical islands of Bimini. However, since the time of Ponce de Leon’s expedition, it has been mainly associated with Florida.

Mark Twain quipped in his twilight years that “life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.”

Homer, the ancient Greek poet referred to old age as “loathsome.” William Shakespeare termed it “hideous winter,” and Oscar Wilde’s character Dorian Gray preserved his youth by aging only in a painting. This had a hideous effect.

People have not stopped searching for a viable Fountain of Youth. Some find it in mystical waters, others in stem cell research.

The Fountain of Youth can be found in the organic facial products at Bella Noche Salon. A place where you can be pampered and beautified for a reasonable price in Beverly Hills.

Enjoy a variety of sugar scrubs, pedi salts, mud masks, and body butters. The environment is designed to help patrons leave Bella Noche Salon feeling relaxed, refreshed, and beautiful… A local Fountain of Youth.

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